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News 8/29/09 Our song Anyway from our album "Distant Garden" was nominated for Best College Rock song by the Just Plain Folks 2009 music awards. There were 42K albums with 560K songs submitted for award consideration, and in our category, there were 23 other nominees. Just getting nominated with all the hundreds of thousands of songs submitted is a huge honor and is really mind blowing. On August 29th 2009, the award show was held at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, Tenn. The top six of the 24 nominees were announced from the stage. Our song Anyway placed 3rd, with Michael Logen taking the top spot for the song Mystery. Congratulations to Michael!

News 8/7/2008 KFOK in the Georgetown/Sacramento, California area has picked up some of our songs and they are featured specifically during the new artists show by Trapper. His show runs from 3-5pm eastern time every Thursday. You can listen via the web at

News 3/15/2008
Clear Channel has added our song "Anyway" to their music website. Clear Channel owns over 1,000 radio stations across the US, and any Clear Channel radio station program director can choose to play the music that is on the Clear Channel music website. Songs that get a lot of play on the Clear Channel music website have a better chance at getting played on traditional radio.

So help us out! Please go to our
Clear Channel song page and listen to "Anyway" as often as you can, and also tell your friends.

For those that have downloaded our songs, you can download the CD artwork from the link above (zip file) to print your own CD liner and insert. It's at 150 dpi. If you want 300dpi, use our contact link and send us your email address and we'll get it to you.

Thank you all so much! :D
- Sarah & The Misfit Toys

News 7/7/2006 In the Friday, July 7, 2006 issue of The Gainesville Sun, our album, "Distant Garden" made Dave Schlenker's Top 5 Weekly Must List. He said, "Teen singer Sarah Hoffman powers this Gainesville band through a well-produced, solid set of mostly originals. But, the best download is a rockin' chick cover of Cheap Trick's Surrender."
Mr. Schlenker is an entertainment writer for the Sun and his list appeared on the front page of the Weekend section. We thank everyone for his or her support.

News 6/6/2006
Our Debut CD, Distant Garden, is released.


The Misfit Toys "Distant Garden"

Music clips used with permission.
2006 TimBark2 Music, LLC
All songs:
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Lucio Rubino.
Mastering by Ted Jensen at
Sterling Sound, New York.
You can buy our MP3 tracks from  iTunes, AmazonRhapsody, or just about anywhere that sells legal MP3 downloads. If you want to download the entire album in MP3 format, buy it from our page at for $5.99. It's the best deal around. You can also buy the CD for $8.99 + S&H and hear all its sonic glory. :)
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